Dealing with Touch lamps

Touch lamps are quite popular among the masses. This is because they are considered to be much more convenient than conventional cable lamps. Why so? Well, unlike traditional lamps, in touch lamps, you don’t have to clutch the lamp holder or find the cable switch to turn it on. All you need to do is touch the base of the lamp and voila your room is showered with light.

Moreover, a touch lamp looks much more aesthetic than any other type of lamp. While some might find it to be too minimalistic and straightforward, many designers believe that a touch lamp is the epitome of sophistication and class.

However, there are times when your touch lamp refuses to work. Don’t worry; you can quickly troubleshoot the problem in most cases.

How to detect the issue with touch lamps

  1. Look at the lamp’s cord to detect any damage. If there is any, you will have to get the cord replaced.
  2. Check the outlet’s functionality by unplugging the touch lamp and plugging in another appliance instead.
  3. Look at the bulb filament to check if it is broken or not.
  4. Check to see if the touch control is faulty. This is present in the base of the lamp. If it is, it will require replacing.


Where to put touch lamps

There are no set rules about where you can put a touch lamp and where you can’t. However, generally, touch lamps are placed in bedrooms and offices. This is because these lamps are best used when they are within arm’s reach and hence do not make for good floor or living room lamps.

You are free to place your touch lamp in any room as per your desire. As long as it looks good and offers convenience, no one can stop you from defying general trends.