All you need to know about standing lamps

Standing lamps are a popular choice for living rooms. This is because these lamps perform two functions. Firstly, they make for an excellent aesthetic addition to any room. Secondly, with the help of their lighting, they are able to set the mood for the given room. Therefore, it is safe to say that standing lamps are perfect for making a statement.

Features of standing lamps

Even though there are different types of standing lamps in the market, you will find each of them having the following features:

•    A lamp base which is weighted in nature. This base sits on the floor and delivers stability to the lamp

•    Linked to this lamp base is a tall pole that ensures that the light is placed at a height

•    There are generally multiple switches and LED bulbs in a lamp. The bulbs are almost always situated at the top of the pole. However, you can find innovative lamps where this is not the case.

•    A standing lamp never gives off glaring light. Instead, it delivers warm and ambient light. This is ensured by the use of a lampshade over the bulb (or in some case around it).

If you find a lamp that ticks all of these boxes, know that you have found a standing lamp. Think about your ceiling height and space before you purchase one. Generally, these lamps don’t look good in bedrooms. However, when placed in a lounge, dining room or sitting area, they tend to look beautiful. If you are planning to buy a standing lamp, always place it in the corner of a room for the perfect lighting.