Planning home interior with led lamps

Nowadays, LED lamps are preferred whenever people consider what type of lighting they should use in their homes. This is because LED lamps are known to be much more energy efficient than conventional lights. Moreover, these lamps are known to have a long lifespan. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about regularly replacing the bulb. You can also find various designs and colors of LED lights in the market which make LED lamps a tremendous aesthetic addition.

Where to use LED lamps?

Well, you can use LED lights almost everywhere. However, how you use them will differ. This is because different rooms have varying lighting requirements.

Living room

This is the part of the house that is most used. You will have people gathering in the living room. Hence, here the LED lamp should be used to create ambient light. Make sure that the lamp you choose for your living room doesn’t have a glare. Instead, it should be dimmable.


The kitchen needs wide angle lights. After all, how else will you be able to see and ensure cleanliness clearly. Places like a platform and the sink should get ample lighting. Cabinets would need separate lighting, and hence cabinet lighting will be needed. So, you don’t need one LED lamp here. Instead, multiple will be required to get the job done.


Accent lights, reading lamps or floor lamps can all work in the bedroom. You will find all of these options available in LED lamps as well. Again, one light won’t be enough. You will have to decide what purpose you want the LED lamp to fulfill in your room and select accordingly.


While LED lamps are becoming a norm, you still have to make a lot of decisions when choosing them. Pick according to the room you are working with.