How to choose lamps nightstand

Choosing quality lamps nightstand is not as easy as you think. Here is how you should go about the process.

How many lamps nightstand do you think you need?

Let’s start with numbers. You first need to decide how many bedside lamps you require. As a rule of thumb, never buy too many nightstand lamps. You need just one if you are sleeping alone and two if you have a partner or roommate. However, if you sleep alone but you have a king size mattress, again two lamps should be placed since they better balance the look and lighting of the room. Remember, you will still need a ceiling fixture regardless of whether you have one or two nightstand lamps.

What should be the width of your lamp?

Selecting the wrong size in bedside lamps can be one of the biggest decorating mistakes. If you buy a lamp that is too small, it won’t be able to perform its function correctly since the lighting delivered won’t be enough. Moreover, it will look awkward in your bedside table as well. On the other hand, a lamp which is too wide won’t fit in your bedside table or take up too much space. Generally, you should opt for a nightstand that is one-third the width of your mattress.

What should be your lamp’s height?

Height is significant, primarily if you use your nightstand lamp to read. Neither do you want a lamp that shines over your head nor do you want one that glares right into your eyes. You must look for a lamp that has the same height as your nightstand at least. If you can find one which is two-three inches taller, it will be perfect.

What style should you opt for?

Now, the answer to this question will vary from person to person as well as according to the décor of your room. There are various different styles available in the market. Assess your room’s décor and pick a lamp that best complements it.