Guide to Buying Target Lamps

Lights can be paired with your room in a way that they add to the ambiance. Most homeowners do not have the freedom to change the position of their light figures and this is where table or floor lamps come in. These are freestanding Target lamps that can be purchased online. There are however certain rules you have to follow in order to buy a lamp that works well will the room. Otherwise you will be stuck with an obnoxious piece of furniture and instead of lighting up your mood it will do the exact opposite.

1. The Shade Should Cover the Bulb

If you’re buying a floor lamp then the ideal height should be68″ so that the bulb is not visible when you’re seated on the arm chairs.A rule of thumb is to buy a lamp shade that is long because a bare bulb can make guests feel like they’re being interrogated. 

2. The Lamp should be at Eye-Level

If you’re getting a side table lamp then it should be at your eye-level when you’re seated or if it is on a console then when you’re standing. These are the rules to follow when you are buying Target lamps toplace on a table. 

 3.Vary Lighting between Direct and Ambient

The type of Target lamps you buy depends on the purpose it is for. If you want a lamp for your work desk then you should buy a floor lamp with alight fabric. You can also buy a floor lamp that is metal-shaded to place near the armchair. If you choose a three-directional lamp instead then the room will be flooded with light therefore it is better to buy a lamp that gives diffused light.