The art of choosing floor lamps

Are you tired of the same old conventional lamps? Well, you can spice things up by putting floor lamps in your sitting area instead! There are four questions you need to ask yourself before selecting floor lamps.

Do you want the floor lamps to stand out?

What lamp is the best for you depends on whether you want the floor lamp to be the center of attention or merely a subtle addition to your room? Unless you have a lot of space to work with, we would recommend not to opt for making a statement via the lamp. It will make your room look too stuffy instead.

What kind of a ceiling does your living room have?

Floor lamps are known for having varying heights. To decide which is the best one for your living room, you must first measure the height of your living room. If it features a low ceiling, you will have to filter out all the tall lamps during your search. On the other hand, if you opt for a floor lamp that is too short, it will just end up looking awkward. You need the right height, and for this, you need to know the height of your living room.

What type of lighting do you want?

Whether it be a task or ambient lighting, a floor lamp can do it all. However, you will have to alter your search according to the lighting you want. For instance, if you want a reading light right next to a cozy sofa, you would want something with a shade height around your eye level. So, shade height will become a crucial factor.

What is the rest of your décor like?

You don’t want your lamp to be the odd one out.For instance, if your décor is wooden. A marble floor lamp will look out of place. So, you must consider your décor before you begin your lamp search.