How to select the best table lamps?

Did you know that there are various types of table lamps available in the market for you to choose from? How do you ensure that the table lamp you select is the best one for your house? Well, here are some tips that might come in handy during the process.

Decide the shade height you want for your table lamps

The first thing is determining what lamp height is optimum for you. The best way to do so is by sitting in the space where you intend to put your table lamps. Decide which shade height are you comfortable with. Measure your eye level from the surface of the table you are planning to put the lamp on. This is the base which you will divide by three to find the height of the shade. So, an 18-inch base level will have a shade height of six inches.

Determine the size

You will find table lamps of varying sizes. Which is perfect for you depends on the space available. To find which height is perfect for the optimum shade height, add eighteen inches to the average shade height calculated. This will give you the size of the lamp you should look for.

Choose the style of the shade

Which is shade is best depends on how you plan on using the lamp. For instance, an opaque shade is perfect for watching TC while a dark shade is ideal for reducing the lighting gear. If you wish to use the lamp for reading, pick a semi-opaque shade that helps in delivering a warm glow.


These tips will allow you to select the best table lamp for your given space. Regardless of where you plan on putting the lamp, do this exercise for the best results.