The Benefits and Science of Salt Lamps

A salt lamp is made of large pieces of Himalayan Pink Salt crystals with a bulb fitted inside. They can also be kept in a decorative basket filled with smaller salt crystals. The glow from these lamps is nice and warm and they are also useful for maintaining the indoor air quality.

The salt lamps are made out of pure Himalayan salt crystals of food grade. The best Himalayan salt comes from Punjab, Pakistan where the western part of the Himalayan Mountains lie. Once the salt is mined it is carved into lamp or turned into a powder form for kitchen use.

 How the Salt Lamps Work

The human body needs salt to keep electrolytes balanced, stay hydrated, maintain proper blood pressure and regulate the nervous system. But these are the benefits received from including salt in our diet.

There is another property of salt that helps maintain our health without consuming it. Salt is hygroscopic i.e. it attracts water molecules. Theory says that salt attracts water molecules and since water particles suspended in air can attract pollutants, bacteria and allergens they are arranged towards the lamp as well.

The salt lamp is heated up and it dries the water vapor. The water is attached to the salt and it is recommended that you wipe down the lamp a few times per week to keep it clean and dry.

The Perfect Night Light

Himalayan Salt Lamps are beneficial for clean air and they also help those with allergies. Research shows that its different colors have a soothing effect on the body. Blue light should be avoided after dark because it can disrupt sleeping patterns and interfere with the internal rhythm of the body.